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Ananya Candles from Gomattesh Quality Products is a passionate amalgamation of love for fragrances, fixation with candles, and an insatiable desire to work creatively with our hands.  Our journey began when we created our first batch of homemade, scented candles as Diwali gifts for family and friends in 2004. As we gifted more candles, we just could not extinguish the flickering thought of having our candles, made with love, burn in homes, just like yours. Continuous demand for more from family, friends, and well-wishers fueled the creation of our candlelit dream, Ananya Candles in 2004. Ananya Candles are handcrafted, and every step of the process such as melting, pouring, cleaning, labeling and packaging are lovingly carried out, by hand, by our extended family, our employees.

For us, our workplace is our temple, and innovation, the seed of our devotion, is fueled by continuous research and consistent training. We at Ananya Candles, take pride in incorporating only premium ingredients in all our products, and are dedicated to deliver products of unparalleled quality, safety and exceptional longevity. We work closely with companies that are pioneers in the world of fragrance to bring to you truly enriching and unique experiences.  Market research, customer feedback, and easy access to perfumers gives us insight into customer preferences and the latest trends, that in turn, allow us to create a range of colors, fragrances, and products that appeal to a wide selection of people. 

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